New power supply wont boot up comp

Hi i just bought a Corsair AX1200 power supply when I finished connecting all the cables I powered it on with the switch on the back of the psu and saw leds from mobo lighted on but when I pressed power on button from my case the psu emmited a clicking sound or at least I think it is.
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  1. You have not described your problem properly.. Are you sure that all the cable work is properly and securely done (including front panel connections)..?? Also make sure that the PSU switch is in ON state..
  2. was the pc working fine with the old one? make sure you remembered the 4pin cpu power connector
  3. It turns out to be a bad psu tried the paper clip test and still didn't work put old 1 back on all fine now going to invest in a Antec power supply.
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