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Hey guys,

I have a problem and was wondering if someone knew of a solution. I'm going to be purchasing an ASUS Xonar Essence STX to use in my system. I am currently using an ASUS P5G41-M LE/CSM MOBO (uATX) with both of the RAM slots used. I'm pretty sure I wont have enough room to fit the sound card directly in without it hitting the RAM. I was wondering if there is perhaps some sort of extension cable that will allow me to plug one side into the MOBO and the other into my sound card which would be on the side slot on the left side of the case. All searches for this on the internet only yield the 4-pin power cable, which is not what I'm talking about. I have included links below that contain pics of my MOBO, case and sound card to help. Thanks for all the help!

Sound Card

Case: HAF 922 (the vertical slot on the left is the one I want to use for the sound card)

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  1. I fail to see the problem. The SC is a single slot card, so it won't go into the PCIe 16x slot below it. It might reach the ram slots, but the only issue you'll have there is if you need to remove the ram you'll need to take out the SC first. There is a molex plug on the back of the SC, but its up high enough you won't have to worry about that either. I've read your post many times, but I can't understand what your worried about. You should be able to buy it and use it with no problems.
  2. Sorry if I wasn't very clear. I saw the dimensions of the card and when I measure the size it would take in my case I seems to run into the RAM by about a half inch. I could very well just be making a dumb mistake somewhere along the lines though : )
  3. Try googling this: pcie 1x extender cable
  4. If you follow the PCIe 1x slot STRAIGHT back you should notice it will be just to the left (or right depending on how you look at it.) of the ram slots. Once its installed you wont' be able to take the ram out because you want be able to undo that latch. AGP video cards of old had the same issue which is how I know you'll be ok.
  5. I see, well that's a relief. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.
  6. No problem.
  7. While you are at it, try some lube aswell.
  8. radium69 said:
    While you are at it, try some lube aswell.
    wtf?? :??:
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