More CPU or More GPU?

I am going to build a new computer, and I've already got the majority of the parts, and now I pose this hardware suggestion question to you guys.

I'd like to reduce bottlenecks in this new system build, and I don't exactly want to spend unnecessary money. I've already got things such as an SSD, good PSU, good RAM and all, and now I'd like to determine which would be the best usage of my remaining money.

- The value option is getting an i5 2500k with the 460 1GB I've got and spending an extra $50 getting a nicer motherboard
- I could just get the best processor coming out (i7 2600k) with my 460 1 GB
- Or is the i7 overkill and i should double up on two 460's?

I'm asking because I already got my 460 GTX and I'd rather not return it, and I'm eagerly anticipating the Sandy Bridge parts. I'm not the best judge of what would bottleneck what.

I will be using this primarily for gaming, and there will be moderate to heavy OC'ing
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  1. I'll love an i5 2500k paired with a single GTX 570..
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