How do you guys feel about BIOSTAR for a gaming Mobo

I'm trying to build a budget conscious gaming rig for upcoming games (BF3, Tribes:Ascend, as well as to boost performance in current titles such as Starcraft 2)

I'm looking for the best $100 "ish" mobo to pair up with the i5 2500k (would love to keep the combined price for these at $320 or below. UEFI BIOS would be a huge plus if I can find it at this price point. - BIOSTAR, reputable brand? I don't think this one has UEFI BIOS.

Seems as though MSI and ASUS are the main players in motheboards.

Thanks for any input!
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  1. It all depends on the target OC. IMO minimums:
    OC 4.0GHz~4.4GHz 8 Phase
    OC 4.5GHz~5.0GHz 12 Phase

    See both spreadsheets ->

    The ASRock Extreme4 is a good <4.5GHz MOBO, and the ASUS "PRO" & Gigabyte UD5 or higher for 4.5GHz+ OC.
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