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The voltage in my country is 220v. I have some lenovo and hp laptops. Their power cord says 7a 125v for the T40, T60, T61 and compaq 6910p. 3a 125v for the T410. The original adapters and power cords usually fail after some months of heavy usage and i need to constantly change them (they are under warranty so no problem, except for the power cord). My question is if i should replace the damaged 125v power cords for 220v. advices please?
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  1. you have to make sure the power adapter of the laptop works with dual voltage (120-220 v). It should say if it does on the power brick. If it does, you can purchase a power cable (that goes from the wall to the brick) that fits your wall socket, or you can use an adapter for the socket (not a power converter).
    If it does not support dual voltage, you will need a power converter (from 220 to 120v) plugged into the wall, then you can plug the power cable into the converter.
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