ATI 4650 ok for 17" MONITOR

Hi is an ati 4650 ok for a 17" monitor games i play BC2, Just cause 2 and COD. My daughter has a 22" HDTV and in her PC she as the 4650 card and she plays sims 3 and tomb raider underworld on higher res the frames drop, but if i swapped my ati 5770 for the 4650 would i notice much difference in frames i have a PHENOM II 940 cpu with 4GB.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    A HD 4650 can handle games fine on a 17" monitor,however you may need to lower some settings on Just cause 2 in order to get a smooth performance.
  2. a 4650 has less shaders (320) than a 5770 (800). Also a 4650 uses DDR3 as opposed to the 5770 DDR5. You will be able to play with the 4650, but be prepared for a sacrifice in frames and quality
  3. An hd 4650 will be an good one for an 17" monitor provided all the games specially newer one should be played at 1280x768 resolution on everything high.
  4. Can't you save a little bit and get HD4670 DDR3?
    At least it's better than 4650 and will hold your PC for a longer term...
  5. Thanks the 4670 looks a decent card. The other pc as only got a x power maplins PSU 400W i think the ati 4650 is going to have to do for the time being and at £40 its not bad. Ive tried it playing Bad company 2 a drop in frames has you'd expect but still playable.
  6. i would try getting the 5670 or the 5750 if your up to it
  7. alhanelem said:
    i would try getting the 5670 or the 5750 if your up to it

    Yeah i just read a review of the 5750 in a magazine they say its ideal for smaller monitors but will it be ok fitted with the 400W xpower psu. Under a £100 it seems a good buy but i dont really wanna buy another psu on top of this card.
  8. I used to max out my 3870 and my x1900xt on two crummy 16' crt that were only running at 1024x768. For a single a 4650 is appropriate given that you use proper settings unlike me going for maximum eye candy.
  9. If you can find the 4650 DDR3 (PCI-E) still, it is a nice mid/low card (I have a couple) though they seem to have stopped selling them.

    The 4650 uses about 10W at idle and 40W at max.
    The 4670 uses about 10W at idle and about 65W at max.
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