New motherboard has no IDE port

I bought a new motherboard and it has no IDE port to connect my(3 year old)cd drive.Did i miss something? This is my motherboard :
What do i have to do?
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  1. You would need to buy an IDE controller card, and since your motherboard has no PCI slots, you would have to get a controller card with a PCIe interface. Check out the link below for what you would need:

    StarTech 1 Port PCI Express IDE Controller Adapter Card - - $19.99

    Or for that price you could just buy a new CD/DVD drive with a SATA interface:

    ASUS 24X DVD Burner - - $19.99

    Personally I would go with the CD/DVD burner. It is probably better than your 3 year old drive and will probably last longer. Also why clutter up your system and waste a PCIe x1 slot unless you have to. Go with the ASUS, unless you are emotionally attached to your old optical drive.
  2. Today most people are simply using a sata connected optical drive. We have been working to move out of support for IDE since the 915 chipset. While there are still some boards that will have an IDE port most are shipping without it.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. ok , new Drive it is then.
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