Concern about PSU smell...

Hello, i just built a new computer and i'm concerned about this smell... It is from the power supply no doubt about it, but its new. The smell is like a noodle smell, or burning smell, and i only get it when im gaming. When i run BFBC2 the power supply really heats up becuase i think the graphics card (Galaxy GTX465) is taking alot of power because it requires 2 PCI-E connectors. Is this just a burn in period of a new computer or is this something i should worry about. I do not get the burning smell when the computer is idle. Your input would be nice. COMPUTER SETUP:

AMD ATHLON X4 620 @3.25GHZ
PSU: LOGISYS Computer PS600XBK 600W ATX12V SLI Ready Power Supply Black w/ 120mm Ball Bearing Fan

As a note, no other part is overheating in the computer. Infact, under load my Athlon only gets to 35c my gpu overclocked 55c.
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  1. Hi,

    Yea I would simply say you are underpowered for the GTX465... Try 650-700W PSU.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Well i stay within the requirements 550W PSU. It shouldn't take up to 700W to power one graphics card (?)
  3. Yes, but thats 520Watts would that be able to handle my current GPU? and does it have two pci-express connectors?
  4. Also is this just a break in, i mean dont all psu's have break in periods when under load?
  5. The LOGISYS Computer PS600XBK is a low quality power supply unit.

    The maximum DC current capacity of its single +12 Volt rail is only 25 Amps.

    Some of the high quality 600 Watt power supply units are able to provide a maximum DC current capacity of 40 Amps or more on their +12 Volt rail(s).

    A reference (not overclocked) GeForce GTX 465 draws 16.7 Amps maximum from the +12 Volt rail under full GPU load. This leaves you with only 8.3 Amps on the +12 Volt rail to power things like CPU, hard disk drives, etc.

    The power supply wattage is not the primary specification you should be considering when selecting a power supply. These days the maximum DC current capacity of the +12 Volt rail(s) is the critical specification to consider because of the power requirements of discrete graphics cards.

    The moral is don't skimp on the quality of your power supply unit. When they fail they can destroy other devices connected to them.
  6. replace the power supply now before it blows up. It is 600wPEAK rating, which means in a split second across all outputs in MAY not blow up if 600w is drawn from it. Its probably more like 350w continuous. you need to read some reviews about cheap power supplies>
  7. Hey guys, thanks. I went to best buy and bought a Corsair GS600 Watt PSU. 585W max power and 48A +12Volt rails. Works good, and lights up. Thanks for the tips and support guys!
  8. Logisys PSU boiles noodles?
  9. Works good and lights up ? A corsair? No way? those things shouldn't light up at all!
  10. Yeah, just played some bad company 2. No smell, game works a little faster, quiet, and the huge quiet blue led fan is really cool to look at. Runs cool too, nothing but cool air coming out of it.
  11. radium69 said:
    Works good and lights up ? A corsair? No way? those things shouldn't light up at all!

    whats that supposed to mean? corsair are a top PSU brand.
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