HI folks! I have the SATA mode in the BIOS configured as IDE. I´m considering to change it to AHCI, but i have the OS (WIn 8) installed and i know that it may be incompatible, and for make it work i´ll have to do some changes to the registry. I have 2 Seagate HDD: 1 TB, and 320 GB. The question is : i´m gonna achieve some REAL improvement?. THanks!!!
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  1. The settings for AHCI in Windows 8 are the same as in Windows 7. Here is a link that you can follow to get this working properly. Change the registry settings first then change the BIOS option.

  2. difference? nothing that you will feel or need. If it was a SSD, then the TRIM command need it.
  3. When i checked the registry, the value was already in 0, i changed it anyway, rebooted, changed the mode to ahci, and an error screen came out saying that Windows cannot be started. I rebooted a couple of times and nothing. In the third reboot Windows started to recover itself, i changed the mode back to IDE, recovered the OS, and it worked. Then i repeated all once again, obtaining the same result. What can i do? My os Windows 8 Pro. Thanks
  4. Just leave it this way. there is nothing wrong running them without AHCI. When you'll have to reinstall Windows, then switch it then.
  5. Is that the best that Windows OS can do? It sounds "crippled," to me.
  6. I did it!!! The problem was that storahci key has a sub key named StartOverride. I changed its value (3) to 0. Rebooted, changed the mode, and that´s it. Thanks all!!!
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