Dell Optiplex 980 MT

hello all,

So a bit of info first. I am living in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) and bought a Qosmio 505 720 Laptop (portable desktop) in the states before moving here. It was getting pretty hot playing my game and I decided to get a desktop. My choices are limited and pricing for a "game" machine is about 20-35% more than USA. So, I settled on a Dell Optiplex 980 MT with i7 860 Processor, 8GB RAM and ugg, an ATI 4550 running Windows 7 Professional. I don't play games other than Eve Online. It is an old game that requires very little, but the 4550 is apparently not enough. It is really choppy even after I disable a lot of the graphics.

Now, the big one, it only has a 305w PSU, and Dell put an ATX Micro connector (that is what they call it in the manual) on the PSU/Motherboard so I can't go get another one like it here. All the power connectors except one are SATA. The floppy is short and wouldn't reach the video either.

So what are my choices. My laptop above has a GT330M and it runs 2 eve clients great with the higher end graphics enabled.

I did find this article, is this all I can do?,2552-7.html

I will have more choices in 2 weeks when I go to Malaysia. Any idea's?

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