Hard drive, Seagate Expansions 320GB External Portable USB 2.0 Hard Drive.

Toshiba E05A075PBU2EL_C 750GB 2.5 inch External StorE Art HDD, both external hard drives 2.0

My Operating system- windows 7, 64bit.

Issue; I have used both of these hard drives for over 2 years, with zero issue. I was transferring data using my friends laptop, all of a sudden it cancelled transferring data & since then my laptop or any will not recognize both of these ext drives, I have used other laptops & used other usb devices, & yes it is certainly my ext hard drives at fault.

The pop up states "USB device not recognized. one of the usb device attached to this computer has malfunctioned & windows does not recognize"

Under investigation; computer management-
to device management, then properties states, code window error 43.

As for the hard drives both are spinning, with power lights on, with NO unusual sounds.

What I have tried; switching it on & off by taking out the battery.

The videos, photo files are family & friends very precious to me, of the greatest
sentimental value. There is no illegal downloads. So it is absolute
paramount, I some how able to rectify this with your help. Being a poor student my budget is tap water.

I am aware of taking my ext drives apart & using a universal adapter, but I really do not want to go that route due to expenses, but if I need to I will.

Thank you for reading this.
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  1. Neither USB drive works in other computers?
  2. danny2000 said:
    Neither USB drive works in other computers?

    Thanks for your response Danny2000.

    The toshiba hard drive now works, but the seagate hard drive is still unrecognized, to include this hard drive where I was transferring data & half way, all of a sudden went 'off'. Upon plugging I can hear the spinning & lights come on, yet unrecognized with code 43.
  3. Okay, so the Toshiba is totally okay?

    try that 43 drive in another computer to see it if works on another computer.
    If not, I would open it up, and connect it to another computer via the SATA connector and try and save the data that way.
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