Phenom X4 970 Fan Problem

Just fitted new processor-Phenom X4 970, and when i went to fit the fan cable, i noticed that the one on the heatsink fan is a 4 pin, and my mobo connector is 3 pin. Fitted it all, when i power up my PC, the cpu fan spins at normal speed, then stops and starts jittering. Please Help!
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  1. Also, on the connector, my old athlon x2 215 cooler had a 3 pin connector that went Black, Red then Blue. On the 4 pin, the 3 connecting pins go Black, Red the instead of blue, yellow... Do i need to swap wires?
  2. The 4th wire is for fan speed control. Look closely at your motherboard there should be a connector on the motherboard.
  3. there are only 3pin connectors on my mobo
  4. Solved-needed system reboot-sorry i wasted ur time
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