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I bought a Dell 17R SE laptop and was thinking of installing a 128Gb SSD for OS and programs.

I was thinking about a Crucial 128gb M4 but was wondering a few things.

1. Do I need to buy a bracket to make it 3.5" for this as it is 2.5"

2. I found the cruical 128gb but it said Micron MLC NAND? Is this a different type of SSD that may be needed?

3. When I install it do I need to alter anything with the bios?

4. What is defragging, I've been told not to do it but what do it actually do?

Thanks, I'm pretty new to SSD's
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  1. One thing you need to know about change the HDD to SSD that you need open up the laptop, watch the youtube first, if you feel you can do it, then go ahead.

    1)No, you don't need it.
    2)That is one (multi-level cell) of two NAND memory, other one is SLC (single level cell). MLC is cheaper the SLC, also slower too.
    3)In the BIOS change the AHCI mode, and boot order DVD/CD first, then SSD/HDD. Saving and exit.
    4) It mean organizing the smaller files into a single directory together, as they are often accessed in sequence. That means they write and rewrite the files in the SSD, if you do a lot defragging, you don't want to write data on the SSD too much because that will wear out the SSD.
  2. W7 no defrag of SSD
    W8 auto-defrag is OK, as it just does TRIM (optimzation).
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