My computer screen wont display anything

Okay, so basically my computer screen won't display anything, I turn the comp on and it won't display anything, period. So I couldn't even go into bios if I tried because I simply can't see anything.

It will probably make more sense to give a full story so here it is.

I'm running an older system and I've upraded a bit. It is a gateway 950GR
I think it would have been 6 or 700$ around 2004 for or so

I upgraded ram from 1/2 gigs to 2
I also installed a newer graphics card a couple of months ago. a 9400GT
still the same stock processor, intell pentium 4; 3.2 ghz
450 watt power supply that is less than a year old because the new one crapped out.

Also, I only have one PCI slot.

I decided that I wanted to build a new computer the other day; and that I would start with getting a graphics card.
I ended up going with a Raedon 5770 ( min wattage is 450)
I figured that I'd see if my old comp couldn't handle it for the time being until I could save up to get the rest.
So I took my 9400GT out and installed the newer one, this involved moving a couple of other cards around ( these weren't PCI , just next to the PCI slot) to make room because it took up two slots. 5770 is huge.

It was fine, eventually got it in there , plugged the six pin thing into the front and turned it on, nothing. Nothing at all, as though I didn't even plug the monitor in.
No signal, I tried multiple monitors.
Also, the processor doesn't seem to slow down and it is really loud. Before when I would turn my computer on, it would speed up I guess for loading and get really loud; slowing down to a normal speed after 6 or 7 seconds or so.
This no longer happens, it stays really loud and doesn't slow down no matter how long I leave it on. so I have to force-shut it down.

I uninstalled the old drivers so even when I plug the old card in and put everything back in place I still get nothing. I can't even go into BIOS and swich to the onboard graphics card.
So I am effectively at loss, I have no clue besides that I could have someone maybe broken the motherboard or possibly the processor?

The one thing I can say is that I blasted the whole computer with an air compresser; there was a lot of dust build up.
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  1. Have you tried re-seating memory? running with 1 stick?
    Try a bit more powerful power supply (even though your at required spec it may not be efficient enough to power everything).
    Did you try clearing the cmos, or removing the battery for a bit, reseat it and try booting.

    that fan speed thing happens when every computer is POSTing and the motherboard throttles the fan speed to suitable levels thereafter IF everything is ok

    obviously if its not posting then it is halting on something before it gets to the other components (do you hear the hard drives clicking around?)
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