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Hey, so I have this old dell case. I'm putting a new motherboard in it and everything fits and all is great!
When I hook up the power button on the front of the case, I notice that the connector for the power button is included with the LEDs in a COM1 connector type, Like a serial port on the motherboard. So the motherboard I bought, the new one, has those slots but not for this purpose. It has the connectors in a seperate way, like the PowerSW connector, just the 2 wires in one connector

The com1 is in the picture here, its the one on the left, although it doesn't have a ribbon, it has individual wires that can be taken out of it.

And the connector on the motherboard need the wires that are in that com1 configuration need them to be in this format

If that got confusing, heres the main thing.

I have the powersw and the LEDs in the configuration of the com1 connector like in the first picture and the motherboard needs them in the second picture. How do I do it?

My motherboard does have a Com1 slot but it didn't work so yea.

Update: So i took the two wires out of the connector and connected them to the motherboard so it turns on and such, but I still would like to know if there is a way of telling which is the ground and which is the power. im guessing at this point.
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  1. For the Power and the Reset switches, it doesn't matter as they only short both pins. For LEDs, a black wire usually indicates ground.

    Edit: There are two types of Comm cables. Are you using the correct one for your motherboard?
  2. In your picture

    All of the white colored wires are the negative/chassis ground connection. This is usually the color coding used for case/chassis wiring for switches and LED indicator lights.

    For power supply unit wiring the black colored wires are the chassis ground wires. Yellow is +12V, red is +5V, orange is +3.3V, etc.
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