Black screen from the second I turn on my pc

I am having the issue of a blank screen from the second I hit the power button. fans turn hdd trys to load but I cant see anything on the screen. I changed the power supply and still the same thing. I then switched out the ram and still the same thing. I have unpluged all cables from the board and pluged them back in and still the same thing. I am running a MSI KT880 Delta MS7047 MOBO. can anyone help me?
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  1. Try reset Clear Cmos
  2. How do I do that?
  3. - unplug power AC from PSU
    - remove batery mobo
    - let 15 minutes
    - after 15 minutes put it back
    - plug Power
    - try on PC
  4. ok I did that and I still have the same problem. the green light stays on on the disc drive. fans work, hdd trys to work. atleast it turns. I changed out the memory, I chamged the power supply, I took out the battery. next good idea?
  5. do you have onboard VGA or try use other VGA
  6. No I do not have onboard VGA.
  7. I recently built my first computer and had this issue... everything seemed like it was fine but moniter was getting no signal whatsoever. After craping my pants at the thought of wasting a lot of money it turned out to be my RAM, make sure then are seated properly, i took them out a few times and it didnt work, they take a fair amount of force to seat properly? :)
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