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Hi, just wondering which is better, The Nvidia GeForce GT120 1GB, or the XFX ATI Radeon 4650 HD 1GB?

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  1. Anyone?
  2. I'd go for the HD 4650. I would never buy anything lower than a GTS 240 from nvidia. The 4650 is outdated, but it still handles several games pretty well. Just stay away from Crysis and Bad Company 2, unless you have a kick-ass CPU.
  3. Thanks, im just looking to get a better graphics in time for FFXiV, though am on a fairly tight budget :pfff:
  4. I think I remember the reading on the JP website that XIV runs on an 8600GT for recommended settings, which means you can buy a 9600GT or 9800GT if you wanna step it up a little.

    That is, only if the recommended system specs haven't changed.
  5. the Nv card would be completely incapable of playing ff14. the 4850 should do fairly well .

    those cards are so vastly different, what is your budget?
  6. Would the 4850 be compatible with my computer?

    I have a foxconn a6vmx, amd phenom 2.3ghz quad core.
  7. You should deff get something like a 4850 then. It would be a decent compliment to the Phenom x4 you've got there.
    Or a GTS 250, or 9800GTX+, or an HD5750, or even higher. But as mentioned, it depends on your budget. What's your max you're willing to pay for?
  8. Most im able to pay is about £70-80. 4850 looks good, also looking at a 1.5gb xfx 9600GT.
  9. yes, its compatible.

    no, the 9600 would not be a good choice.

    you need to find out what PSU you have also. if you don't have enough power for a 4850, its not going to run. come back to us with that.

    assuming you won't need a PSU upgrade, i would recommend plumping a little more cash and getting this: http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/4365574/art/sapphire-technology/radeon-hd-5750-512-mb-gdd.html?srcid=7226&Partenaire=pricerunner&CodePromo=oui
  10. not 100%, think its 300W
  11. you'll need to check.

    a 300w probably won't support a 4850 if its a lousy brand.
  12. yeah its a 300w, shouldnt be a problem i can easily replace it. Will a 500w support the 4850?
  13. so long as its a good brand. get something like a corsair vx450.
  14. okay one last question, will a ddr5 graphics card work on my ddr2 system?
  15. yes, the vRAM is independently controlled, so the RAM in the system is irrelevant. as long as the motherboard has PCIe, you are golden.
  16. i had a 4850 a while back and ran it on a thermaltake 430watt psu, even tho the box said 450 watt min was recommended, i never had any issues with it. and i ran the same x4 2.3 ghz cpu
  17. Yeah, I remember when I was using an HD 4850 by XFX for about a month, and I was running it on a 380W PSU without any lack-of-power issues.

    Btw, a lot of people always say "Just go with a good brand" when it comes to buying a PSU, but that's just a rule of thumb if you don't know what you're looking for. If it's a card that needs only a moderate amount of power (like the 4850), I'm pretty sure you can buy a cheaper brand and save you're self some money. Just look for a PSU that's 500W and has 20A each on a dual +12V rail. Be sure to look at customer reviews, too. : D

    Then again, if you find a really good sale on a brand name PSU, go for it.
  18. markus, no no no no NO!

    cheap PSUs can fail, and take half a system with them. its not a general rule, its something that everyone here preaches incessantly for good reason. a PSU is the one place where you absolutely must not skimp. get a cheap brand to save a few backs, and it will die years sooner, and has a chance of taking another component (or multiple) with it.

    a good PSU will last longer, be efficient and cool and is not going to go jihad on your motherboard.
  19. ^Agree! Good PSU is a must!

    Also agree on the 4850.
  20. eh, sorry lol. It's just I've used a cheap $40 500W psu before on a system before, and it never failed. However, I do oppose the $10 PSUs with the chinese names you can't even pronounce...
  21. cheap and good quality are not necessarily mutually exclusive. you can often find corsair PSUs at very good prices, and they are some of the best.

    yeah, a low quality PSU isn't guaranteed to blow. but its such a huge risk for the sake of saving a few bucks that it just seems silly.
  22. ^Agree!

    A bit of running around on newegg and you'll have yourself a good quality PSU at a good price! :)
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