1156 Cooler needed

Hi guys

Wan't to replace the stock intel cooler to get my temps down. My i5 760 loads at mid 70's

Been looking at these, any thoughts? The reason I included the side blower is because it looks like it could be a good cooler (heatpipes etc). It would naturally receive the flow from 2x 120mm front mounted fans in my Sugo SG03 case (but worried about height).

Any thoughts welcome

1. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/xigmatek-apache-ep-cd903-cooler-fan-for-lga-1156-core-i7-5-3-and-am2-am2plus-939-754
Good for the price, but performance?

2. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/126792
Good reviews

3. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/akasa-ak-cc9101bp01-intel-performance-multimedia-low-profile-cooler-s775-1156-1366
Looks like it could be a great cooler in a good size package


(SIDE NOTE: May also buy one for my new E6750 Core 2 Duo, these all appear to be 1156/775 coolers)
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  1. Also this one caught my eye


    I have seen a few like this where they are lower but have a larger footprint

    Only prob is that I am using a mini itx board (zotac H55 ITX)
  2. Cooler Master Hyper Z600 hands down. With a pull and push fan.
  3. Do you need a low profile cooler with your case?


    Otherwise get a decent tower cooler like the Venomous X.

    The coolers you listed are pretty cheap and not ones I would consider.
    I understand budget but if you want decent cooling it usually costs a bit more than that.
  4. I was looking at the shuriken....just not sure about the profile on my mobo

    Here's a pic of my mobo layout, think it would cut into the PCI-E space?

  5. I know the cooler are cheap, but will they still be better than stock?

    Would rather get the shuriken if it will fit

    The E6750 i got does not come with any heatsink, so just wanted a cheap one than runs better than stock...going to be a htpc with a GT430 and 2gb ballistix
  6. Probably but the Shuriken will do a much better job, they have an even smaller version.
  7. ^^^ This one looks good. Footprint is only ~1cm smaller in both directions. Might buy the big and see if it fits, if not return....

    The E6750 is not a priority (only cost me £25) and wont be clocked so would the cheap Xigmatek be sufficient? The processor has been lapped to a mirror finish

    Thanks for help
  8. So you do need low profile for your i5??

    The Shuriken Big would be quieter and have more cooling power.

    I would think the Apache would do the job, not the quietest but what do you want for a tenner. :na:

    Maybe you could try and pick one of these up off ebay. http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/Product_read.asp?Idx=339
  9. Ha ha, was just looking at a zalman here. On a mini ITX board, they make them high enough to accomodate normal RAM, but i'm using 8gb Corsair Vengeance (big heat spreaders)

  10. Thought about installing this as well, at the back (above) the mobo. There is s space for it on the SUGO case, above all mobo I/O panel...draw air out of back of case (mine is based on 2 x 120mm positive pressure with a big side window...


    Will look at the others guys, they all seem a bit big though?

    The main issue I have is the board layout, and the high spreader on the Corsair Vengeance!
  11. Never seen one of those b4 but warm air extraction is always good for a system.
  12. Hmmmm...mini itx board (although the case will take mATX), high heat spreaders on RAM, PSU fitted parallel to the board....thinking maybe a peltier would give me the best induced cooling for the config?

    Anybody used a peltier/heatsink combo?

    Cheap peltier

    Place a heatsink on top
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