Hard Drive with Spiking Read/Write

In the past 30 minutes my Hard Drive has started acting up, severely lagging a game I was playing on my PS3 through my AverMedia Capture Card, and stuttering the music I was listening to. It also disconnected me from the Skype call I was in and dropped my wireless internet from 5 bars down to 2.

I opened up Resource Monitor and checked my CPU and Memory (I upgraded my ram earlier today and had some problems, so I thought it might have been this) but there were no abnormal spiking in the use of either.

I looked at my Disk tab and noticed that it's read and write times for System were extremely high. I couldn't get a screenshot because the lag was really bad, but System, which generally hovers for me between 0-5000 , was sitting at about 18 million B/sec for both Read and Write.

After the lagg subsided I closed AverMedia Center (the program I was using) and tried to rejoin the Skype Call I was in. After about 5 minutes of being in it, the lagg picked up again, kicking me from the Skype call and this time giving me an error with my Wireless Connection.

I've started running a check for any virus/spyware on my HDD using MSE (taking up about 7 mil B/sec for Read right now). System will jump to about 500k every once in a while, and then slip back down to normal.

My computer's been crashing randomly as of lately, so I feel I have a HDD failure creeping up on me, but it shouldn't lagg like crazy because of a simple Skype call.

Is there anything else it could be?
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  1. Use hd tune pro to check for drive errors. Defragment your drive and check for errors.
  2. As a precaution, I'd run memtest since you added additional ram. It may not be playing nice with your existing ram or motherboard.
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