Need help on planning to install Corsair H-50

Okay. First of all I have an Thermaltake Element G case. The airflow of it is a 200mm in front blowing in, 230mm on side blowing in, 200mm on top blowing out, 140mm on back blowing out(this is where the problem is since the H-50 needs air blowing in) and 2 60mm's on back blowing out. Now if i were to flip that fan when i install the H-50 will it mess up my airflow?
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    you can install the h50 as exhaust. it will not make a big difference. in fact it might not make more than a 1c temp difference at the max
  2. Alright so just keep my current fan setup then. I was just wondering cause a video i saw from corsair said that the best performance is an intake but i have alot of fans in this. Well thanks!
  3. best peformance: the difference of maybe 0.5 or 1 degree
  4. Ah wow.. its just the marketing then. Okay thanks.
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    well, technically its not completely marketing, after all, they want people to not complain when they use the h50 as their only exhause fan in a cheap crowded case, and think why are my temps not good. but in a well-cooled case its a non-issue
  6. Yeah i see what you mean, and alright. There you go :p
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  8. thanks and have fun with your watercooled cpu :)
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