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Hello,I'm looking for an option to limit the bandwidth used by a computer running windows 7. Either by an option in the OS, or with other software, however this will only be temporary until i can afford a decent router with these options built it. Currently im using a Thomson TG575 which is only a big laugh really!
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  1. Limiting bandwidth over the LAN can be done in windows, but limiting INTERNET bandwidth cannot be done in windows.

    Windows bandwidth is only 20 percent of the network speed for that system only. So it's rather useless, unless a router is filtering first. Anyway that's all confusing without actually knowing about it lol.

    You may be able to find a program via Google search. But I doubt there is one for Win7 yet. It's hard to find a good one for XP.
  2. I don't have any recommendations other than Netlimiter but "bandwidth limiting" falls under a category called "Packet Shaping".

    I hope those keywords help.
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