Best processor for this motherboard?

I have a computer that is few years old, currently has a P4PE-X motherboard and a AMD Athlon 2800+, 1.8 ghz.
What is the best processor that can be supported by that motherboard?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Are you sure about the motherboard model #? Everything I see says it is an Intel P4 board, not AMD... ???
  2. Sounds more like it is 5+ years old than "a few years old".

    Anyway, that doesn't make sense since that model is an Asus pentium 4 motherboard. More information would be good:

    If you did not build it yourself, link us to the computer on the manufacturer's site. If you did or if it is a custom non-OEM build, continue below:

    Run CPU-Z to attempt to identify the motherboard. (mainboard).

    Depending on the motherboard, you may have a few options including the possibility of some of the lower powered Athlon 64x2 processors.

    Why do you want a CPU upgrade?
  3. Scrap it and buy a cheap AMD computer, an Athlon II X2-4 with a cheap Gigabyte 785G mobo.
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