Need a 2.1 Speaker System Recommendation

I have a killer PC and I have the Logitech Z-5500 surround sound set and I am selling them because I cannot get any use out of the surround sound. (I have no place to put the speakers & I live in an apartment so I can't crank it up) I need a recommendation for a 2.1 setup of great quality. I've been researching this for about a week and I don't know what is good and what is not. My limit is around $300. PLEASE HELP!

- Already have a killer gaming PC
- Selling surround sound system for a 2.1 system
- Need a Recommendation
- Looking for spectacular sound
- $300 limit
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  1. What exactly do you plan on doing with your speakers? $300 is a lot to spend on 2.1 sound; you can get above average logitech sets for 50-70. If you were interested in headphones, you could get a 7.1 pair if your sound card supports it (or spend the other part of the budget on it).
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