PCI-E x16 or AGP x8?

Hey guys, first post. I'm not smart at all about computers, and i don't feel like paying someone just to tell me whether i have a AGP x8 slot, or PCI-E x16 slots... my motherboard is a Board: WinFast C51MCP51 FAB1.0
And it looks like it has both kind of slots. There are a total of four slots, the one highest is greyish, and the three lower ones are white? So, which do i have? An answer wold be great, thanks.
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  1. The reason i need to know, is if i can use this video card, EVGA 01G-P3-1430-LR GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card
  2. Sorry, I can't find any info on your particular mobo, but this link to bestbuy should help. Just compare the slots in question to the three on the linked website:

  3. Ok as far as i can tell, i have 3 white Pci slots, and my black one looks PCI-E But I'm not sure, It's sort of skinny, and has a thingy sticking out of the end of it, the thing that PCI slots don't have on the end :D
    So is my black a PCI-E?

    Edit: it has the things sticking out of the ends, like these. http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2487&page=2

    The blue things look like what my black is, but my black looks a bit skinnier.
  4. If the GPU slot you're concerned with has the small sector closer to where the monitor cable is connected, then it is PCI-E. Both AGP & PCI have the small sector on the opposite end. If you post a picture of the slot on your mobo, it would be much easier to be certain.
  5. Hopefully this helps...

  6. How old is your computer? We stopped using AGP on any of our chipsets about 7 years ago? I can't imagine anyone still using AGP with in the last 5 years.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  7. my pc is like 10 years old >.< so i want to upgreade it, but i don't have that kind of money.
  8. here;s a pic of what mine looks like, but it is not my mobo. Though it is the same slot.
  9. That's a PCI-E x16 slot. Yours would likely be a 1.0, though. PCI-E slots are backward/forward compatible, but limited to the technology of the older hardware. What this means is, if your mobo has a slot that looks just like the one in the pic you linked, then it is indeed a PCI-E slot.

    Furthermore, since your mobo is 10 years old, then the PCI-E slot is likely version 1.0. You can install a new PCI-E interface GPU into this slot, and the GPU will work, but the max thoughput of 250 MB/s.
  10. So then with this slot, would i be able to use a video card that requires PCI-E 2.0 x16? or do i have to get a new mobo?
  11. I recommend getting a new mobo, simply because of its age, but it is not required. You will be able to use any PCI-E x16 GPU in that slot, unless it is too long.
  12. Ok thanks so much everyone!
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