SanDisk vs Vertex4 vs intel 520

Thinking about ssd and have done plenty of research and know much about each drive. I am looking at a 128gb and here is my problems with picking one.

firstly the vertex4 has the fastest reads, max IOPS and a 5 year warranty but has a slower write.
the intel 520 is known for reliability, has good balance between read and write but has lower IOPS.
and finally the SanDisk has a good overall balance of both reads & writes along with IOPS but only has a 3 year warranty.

Basically what i am asking for is people who have experience with these SSD's and could recommend one or tell me more pros and cons of each to make the decision easier. the only hard part after i have chosen one is the price. The vertex4 being the most expensive, then the intel 520 and the SanDisk being the cheapest at the moment.
Just to state i live in NewZealand so don't give me links to U.S or U.K sites

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. IOPS and read speed will make the most difference in load times of the OS and other apps/games. My vote is the Vertex 4.
  2. Intel 520 FTW

    I had quite a few bad experiences with OCZ SSDs (from Vertex2 to Vertex4) here at the office. Busy replacing all SSDs with Intel 520s and no issues what so ever.
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