Can I connect my WD HDD to SATA 3 port?


Can I connect my WD Cav Blk 2tb HDD via a SATA 3 cable to the SATA 3 port of my mobo? Will it operate faster? Or will it make no difference at all?
Or should I connect it to the SATA 2 port?

This is the HDD:

This is the mobo (Gigabyte Z77X-Ud3H):
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    You can connect it to either port, SATA 3 is backward compatible with SATA 2. However, I doubt it will make a difference. I'm not aware of any 7200 rpm drive that can saturate a SATA 2 port. If it were a solid state drive, that's a different story, but not a mechanical hard drive.
  2. And the cables are the same, don't go buy a special SATA 3 cable.
  3. Yes. I did hear somewhere that sata3 and sata2 cables are essentially the same and that sata3 cables are just a money grab. Is that correct?
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