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I am planning on buying a 260 GTX for 120$ CAN. I've tried doing quite a bit of research on the card but it seems difficult to find much about it and I am now wondering whether the card possibly seems too good to be true? There doesn't appear to be much information about it so I am wondering if someone is able to give me some insight into the card and whether or not it's a decent purchase as well as how big of a PSU I might need

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  1. It is a good card alright, but a bit past its generation. But what is the maximum budget that you can spare and what is you current PSU? Brand and rating please.
  2. Right now I have a 500w blue sonic power supply, I know the card's a bit older but I don't want to spend any more than 150 right now on a card, thats why I'm a little limited to which cards I can buy. The 460 went for sale for like a day to 170 but I missed out, I'm just not too sure whether or not I'm getting a decent deal for the card really, any information would help though, thanks
  3. Also, I am currently running a geforce 9500, which I know is nothing special at all but I can buy another for 60$ and run them in SLI, not sure if it would be worth it though. I am open to any suggestion really, I've just been bargain hunting lately.
  4. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121363&cm_re=5770-_-14-121-363-_-Product

    146 after rebate.

    the 5770 is faster, cooler, quieter and more energy efficient. not to mention supporting Dx11.
  5. Well change that PSU. I really don't think its top draw! Well you can get HD5770 at $130 US. Check if it fits your budget.

    Very sorry to hear that you missed out on the GTX460! :D
  6. the HD 5770 faster than the GTX 260? please look at this:


    am i missing something here?
  7. Well, the link you posted has HD5770 ahead in most of the games. Doesn't it?
  8. not sure how old those benches are, but on updated drivers the 5770 is about on par with a 4870/4890.

    its not by a huge amount, but the 5770 is certainly more powerful.
  9. just curious but what about the overall 3d mark score? yet, the HD 5770 supports DX11, which the GTX 260 Doesn't!

    +1 HD 5770
  10. 3Dmark is very Nvidia skewed. the least reliable benchmark on the market.
  11. Aw damit now I just don't know anymore lol, should I bother buying either cards, wait for prices to drop or save up a bit and get... anyone got suggestions?

    Right now I'm on the fence about either of those two cards, anyone got any other ideas about what else I might be able to get?
  12. the 5770 is an excellent card.

    i have one in my HTPC, and it maxes out all the game i play (ME2, MW2, SC2 and more). to be honest, i've come to the conclusion that my 5870 was a waste of cash.
  13. How would it compare against the 460?

    I apologize for all the questions, I just really want to make sure I make the right choice
  14. no worries.

    the GTX 460 is a better card. if you have the cash, then yes i would recommend purchasing it. if you prefer to spend less though, the 5770 is still going to to perform very well.
  15. Keep in mind that a GTX460 could very well blow your "blue sonic" PSU. The 5770 has the power draw of the 8800GT, so its a lot easier on lower end PSUs.

    Did I miss the part where you gave us your system specs including resolution? You also didn't say if it was the original 192 shader GTX260 or the newer 216 version. If its the older 192 version the 5770 will be faster by a lot.
  16. It's the newer 216 shader, Im just thinking that if I am already buying a new one I might as well go a little more all out than buying little cards every so often, I bought the geforce 9500 for 65$ and although it's served me well I should have probably gotten something with a little more power to avoid the problem I am facing right now, but at the same time the 460 might be a bit of an overkill, decisions decisions...
  17. If you are going to spend the extra, then go for the 1gb version of the 460.

    as 4745454b (that never gets any easier) said, you'll also need to double check your PSU has enough amps to support the GPU. it may be a little short, so you need to be prepared to upgrade that too if its not powerful enough.
  18. Well I ended up buying the 260 and I must say even though I had to remove both my CD drives and 2 of my backup harddrives in order to use their molex connectors for the 6 pin adaptors I am pretty dam happy. The card hasn't given me a single issue yet, I really can't wait to use it for when it comes down to graphic design. I think I will be buying a new PSU in order to get all my drives back lol

    Anyone got any opinions about this one?
    Or any other suggestions? i don't want to spend much on it really.
  19. Ultra?? What's that?? Get a better PSU.


    I would say get this. Your PC deserves better!
  20. a PSU is the one place you absolutely must not skimp.

    are you planning on SLI?

    if not, then a corsair vx550 will be more than enough for your system.
  21. Your PSU is the most crucial bit of your system when it comes to protection. suppose you spend like, a grand on your rig and dedicate only 50-60 bucks for the PSU just so you can shave off a few bucks.....if your PSU goes kaput, remember so does majority of your rig, including your GPU, CPU, Mobo.

    So my friend, when you'rve already spent big bucks on gpu's, etc...see if you can spend a bit more on the PSU, so that you don't end up with a fried rig you just put together.

    This Corsair one's for $89:


    Antec for $99:


    Cooler Master for $99:


    Safeguard your rig....just my views. :)
  22. I honestly want to and would love to buy myself a new PSU lol I just wish I had the extra money to spend :P
  23. You don't have to get one of the ones nameless suggested. Those are overkill for your computer anyways. You can easily use one of those $50-60 ~500W PSUs. That Ultra might not even be a bad unit as they have some good ones. Here is a review of a similar 600W unit.


    If you have the $70 for that one I'd still get a better 500-600W unit from newegg.
  24. I ended up getting the 650w version of that one :) they offer a lifetime warranty so I'm pretty happy with that.
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