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Should I build a desktop now?

Hello, I am contemplating building my first desktop system but it is unclear to me when the Intel 6 core "Sandy Bridge" upgrades are coming out. Please offer advice on if I should wait.
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  1. if you really wanna go 6 cores wait till bout February or just get a quad and cpu upgrade whenever
  2. Its up to you really.Because even if you wait for sandy bridge 6 core ivy bridge will come out next year(according to wikipedia intel plans to launch ivy bridge in 2012..).If you really do need a computer buy one now dont waste time and wait for something better.The Computing world is on advancing way to fast.
  3. Yeah depends what you need.

    I'm now putting together an X58 i7950 build because everythings so cheap and thats all I need.

    If you can pick up pieces that are supposedly going to be superceeded cheap then I'd go for that unless your requirements mean you have to have a 6 core SB.
  4. Thanks to everyone that replied
  5. Hi Malmental,

    I bought a 1-7 950 ZT computer from Costco and it has multiple problems, primarily it just shuts down (blue screens) all the time by itself. I will probably return this computer and see if I can build my own. I have approximately one month to buy and build the replacement computer.
  6. I bought a i7 950 yesterday........

    Computers ind comes out with new gear every 6 months,Sandy Bridge and 6 cores
    are no different ......
  7. Thanks to everyone that replied. The new Sandy Bridge 2600 chip is really more than I need and it eats the I-7 950 chip for lunch and...... it is projected to cost about the same as the 950. This means one of two things: 1) the 950 will drop about $100 or more in price because the new 2500 chip eats it lunch also and it is a $200 chip 2) the projected price for the Sandy Bridge chips will go up (God forbid :-))

    Depending on when the 2600 chip becomes available I would like to use that chip. I may build or buy a cheap temporary computer in the mean time if necessary.

    Any suggestions? Also, does anyone have any idea when the 2600 chips are going on the market?
  8. About $1500.00
  9. Asus P7P67 PRO/EVO/Deluxe - $150-$230
    i5 2500k or i7 2600k $200-$270
    2x2gig r 2x4gig Corsair Dominator or Vengence $115-$150

  10. Hey where do you see the 2600 K for $270? The cheapest I've seen it is $330 at NewEgg.

    Card: ATI 6950 or maybe the GTX 570
    PSU: Corsair 850 HX (I have this already)
    Cooler: Please suggest one for the 2600K
    Case: I am thinking maybe the Corsair 600T but I have not made up my mind
    Ram: I would like a minimum of 6G, preferable 8G or 12G. I am unfamiliar with ram since this is my first build and so recommendations are welcome. I do not understand the designations for ram and I suppose a trip to Wikipedia is needed.

    I agree with you, the Asus Deluxe is the best mobo right now.
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    Sorry I'm looking in pounds and should have been converting to dollars, its £200-£270. :pt1cable:

    Depends on case budget my list would be.

    HAF932 or HAF-X
    Antec 902 or 1200
    Silverstone Raven RV02B-EW or Fortress FT-02 (big money case)

    4 gig ram is sufficiant for most apps and games but 8 gig wouldn't do you any harm.
    Corsair Dominator, G-Skill Ripjaws, Crucial Ballistix, Corsair Vengence 2x4gig on offer.

    Coolers Thermalright Venomous X Black with a couple of Enermax Cluster or Scyte Slipstream fans.
    Silver Arrow and Noctua DH14 are top coolers but massive and ugly IMO.

    The Deluxe is the best power design and you do pay for the usb3 front box which is handy because it will fit in any case.

    Happy hunting.
  12. I agree that the Deluxe version is worth the extra $40.00 for several reasons, not just the USB 3.0 panel. This gives easy access to the 3.0 ports out front and USB 3.0 is the future.
  13. Great review thanks
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