Dell Inspiron 530S won't recognize USB devices

OK, so I got this computer from my uncle, it got lighting strikes into the internet cable and now his computer just won't recognize any USB devices anymore.

6 USB ports, some of them have power, some of them just blink (I tried with my flash drive), however, none of them seem to recognize anything, just power. It does boot up but got problem with CMOS so it stuck at boot screen.

Do you think this is the end for this motherboard ? Or there is a way to revive it?

This computer seemed to be better than the one i have right now so ... :kaola:
PS: No PS/2 port :fou:
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    I used to have a 530 until i got a Custom rig.
    Try This:

    1. Unplug the Computer, Hold Power Button for 15 Seconds.
    2. Plug it back in.
    3.Unplug everything but the Monitor Cable, Power.
    4. Go into Bios, Set everything as DEFAULTS.

    Hope this helps,

    ~ NocredRS ~
  2. Eh... step 3, if I unplug everything but the Monitor Cable and power, without a keyboard, how am I suppose to get into BIOS :??:
  3. Thank you but it didn't work :(
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