Purchased all parts for first build (Finally!) Check it out!

Thanks to the internet (largely this site) finally found and gathered funds for my first build.

Wanted to spend around $1000, ended up closer to 13 or 1400... anyway I think I pulled together a good build. I had combos and used a few different sites for best deals but here are the components.

23'' asus LCD monitor (drool... compared to my old 19'' 1280x1024)


HAF 912 with 3 extra fans for a total of 5


ASUS p7p55d-e pro - has the right features and reviews. SLI, usb.3 sata6 etc..


i5 760 - solid proc that'll oc nicely w/ my hyper 212+


Hyper 212+ - see above


Spinpoint f3 1tb HD - highly reputed HD - snagged this on a daily deal @ $55


ASUS dvd burner - *coughs*


4gb g.skill RAM - *yawn*


XFX black edition 850w - very well reviewed modular PSU that'll handle quite a bit... thinking SLI of... see below...


Gigabyte Super overclock 470 - read the TH review this is a bad@$$ card. went back and forth a lot and settled on this one.


There you have it. Last couple pieces arrive by week's end. This community has been incredibly helpful in understanding and selecting a good balance of components, thought I'd post the final build.
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  1. very cool build :P but psu its overkill 750w will be ok... but no problem... u still ahve power for make crazy things in the future :P
  2. Nice build, ram could've been better and Dell had their 22in IPS on sale for that price but those are my only 2 complaints. Very solid well-rounded build.
  3. Hey muckle, good to see you pulled the trigger. That's gonna be a really fast setup. Good luck with the build process.

    @Juanchioo muckle's planning to SLI in the future. That's the reason for the 850.
  4. Great build, but I would rather... lol jk, nothing much to change here.

    Post pics though, Id want to see the 912 in action.
  5. Nice build muckle only two things i would have done differently.
    As already mentioned Dell U2311H can be had for $180 on sale IPS panel,DisplayPort,fully adjustable stand.
    1600Mhz CL7 ram Mushkin Blackline is the same price.
    Hindsight is 20/20 even when i look at my builds.
  6. Why would he want an IPS panel, though? The color accuracy is great for professional photographers and artists, but doesn't that come at the cost of slower response time?

    There is Cas 7 RAM at the same price, but since his runs at those timings on 1.5 volts, he might be able to get cas 8 or 7 out of them by pushing them to 1.64 volts.

    EDIT: I second the picture request!
  7. Thx for the feedback! A few responses:

    -I've heard differences of opinion on whether or not I'd even perceive slightly faster RAM Timing/lat ..plus like Mortonn said I could dabble in some voltage tweaking. Furthermore that RAM came in an awesome combo with the PSU (less than 200 after rebate)

    -its a sweet monitor, and I got it from superbiz for $175 and that's before a $20 MIR

    -I mentioned the really great psu+ram combo - that actually came out cheaper than a lot of 750w psus + ram - besides if/when I throw another GPU in I won't mind the extra juice.

    - I will take pics :sol:
  8. I would advise you to definitely not take your ram over 1.5 volts, the 1156 processors are even more sensitive than the 1366.

    Re: IPS, the Dell U series is below 10ms (the limit of what most people see) and because they use higher-grade logic, it's typically ahead in which frame is being drawn when compared to most TN panels.
  9. Timop said:
    Great build, but I would rather... lol jk, nothing much to change here.

    Post pics though, Id want to see the 912 in action.

    I bought the 912 the day it became available at frys... it is an amazing case at 60 bucks, just blows my mind.
    Im running 8GB DDR2 @ 1066 CAS6 Crucial regulars with Vantec all copper spreaders, Phenom X4 955 @ 3.9ghz 1.42v on H50 push with xcalibur fan and a bunch of magmas everywhere i can fit them. VC is a hd4850 with a zerotherm GX815 GE. PCP&C silencer 610 (pre OCZ). Cable mgmt is amazing in the 912!
  10. Getting the rest of it within an hour or two. Hopefully my next post will be pics of the build from the new setup!
  11. Well, stuck at work for the day so no pics right now - but the setup went without a hitch - came together really well.

    Building with the 912 was a breeze! Lots of room to work with, practically all cables are hidden away. Spent a couple bucks on extra fans for total of 4 120mm's and a 200.... the case cools beautifully. It's like a damn wind tunnel - but not loud at all.

    Again - LOVE the case. The quality and features are nuts for that price.

    And my system runs like a beast :)
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