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HD crash recovery

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January 9, 2013 5:14:53 AM

alright my 500 GB sata 2 hard drive just crashed, i got a new solid state drive and usb 2 to sata adapter kit to try and recover data. however it wont read my old hard drive after i connect everything and attempt to access the drive. the only thing that has come up is to format the drive, but i need to get the data first?

i tried programs and other ways to try to look at my files to no avail.

should i format the drive and hope i can recover the files with a program? or another approach?

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a c 79 G Storage
January 9, 2013 6:19:01 AM

Formatting the drive will make any chance of data recovery even harder so don't do that. But my guess is it won't format anyway if the drive has failed, but Windows doesn't know that yet until it tries to format it.

It's possible to recover data from a drive with recovery software, but only if Windows recognises the drive in a usable state, so recovery software won't work in your case.

You made the same mistake that thousands of other make, you did not back up the data to another drive or to DVDs. The only way to retrieve the data now is to send or take the drive to a specialist data-recovery service where the drive will be opened up and the storage platters accessed with special equipment like the police do in forensic evidence cases. That, however will cost you an arm and a leg.

Best solution

January 9, 2013 11:26:29 PM

You should never format it unless you have completely recovered your data inside this hard drive.
In order to recover your data, you could select a reliable unformatted recovery tool to help you. Honestly, I have ever met the same problem as yours. At that time, I try a trusted unformatted drive recovery freeware highly recommended in many forums that has perfectly recovered all of my inaccessible data. I am really lucky, right?
1. Do not store any new data on this drive to avoid original data overwritten by new data, which can make your data gone forever.
2. Do not save the recovered data on the drive, which can cause recovery failure.
3. Do not forget to format it to make it workable as before.
4. Do not forget to back up your important data regularly in the future.
January 11, 2013 1:57:51 AM

i have left it untouched for now.. loading the old HD i can get to the windows loading screen but it stays there, never going to loading screen. cant safemode or repair, restore point etc.