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I plan to buy samsung b2030 myst eco monitor. It has a native resolution of 1600*900. Does older games and recent

games support this resolution or i have to buy a monitor wich has native resolution of 1680*960. The 1600 model is

Rs 6750 and the 1680 is Rs 8500 .
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    The resolution won't affect what games you'll need to will be dependent on what your GPU can support. So the question here is: what are your system specs? Put up your rig config (CPU, mobo, RAM, GPU, PSU, etc)

    Another thing: Where are you getting the monitor at that price? (sasta hai!) Do lemme know too...would be interested. :)
  2. Intel q8400,intel dg41kr,2gb ddr3 ram,nvidia 9600 gt,zeb 600w platinum. also if i later buy a gtx 400 series will it support 1600*900 gaming or i have to go with the 1680 *960 one
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