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I enabled AHCI today (it wasn't easy) on a Gigabyte Z68 ma-D2h-B3 mobo. But I was using an older WD HDD.

When my brand new SSD gets installed this week will AHCI still be enabled? I.e., is it in the BIOS, or does it have drivers on the hard disk which will not be available on the new SSD?
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  1. AHCI is a BIOS setting. You may need to enable it for each individual drive/SSD.
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    On the GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 the PCH SATA Control Mode setting applies to the Z68 chipset's SATA controller not to individual drives.

    When you changed the setting to AHCI it applies to all six SATA ports on that motherboard.

    If you are using an older operating system version like Windows XP you will need an AHCI driver during operating system installation. Windows Vista and Windows 7 natively support AHCI mode.
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