NO 1680 1050 in my HD4200

I'm using winXP x32, a mon with resolution of 1680 1050 and HD4200(integrated)
The latest driver was installed; however, 1680 1050 still not exist in Windows Display Property and CCC.

I tried to connect the pc to mon by using both D-sub and HDMI(DVI is not supported ).There is no difference
The CCC provides form 640 to 2048, including 1440*900 and 1600*1200, but 1680*1050 is not provided.

I also connected the mon to another PC(win7).It was OK, so I think there is no problem with the MON.

Can anyone guess what the problem is?
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  1. If the monitor worked on another PC how do you come to the conclusion that it is a monitor problem?

    It works on Windows 7, and doesn't work on Windows XP correct?
  2. Open Catalyst Control Center, Click on My VGA Displays -> Properties (VGA Display) and, uncheck "Use Extended Display Identification Data(EDID) or driver defaults", and set max resolution and refresh rate according to your monitor, and click apply.
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