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I have a new Amd t1055 cpu and biostar 890gx board that has 1 pci-e 16x on it with 500w Ultra brand PSU.

I got a OCZ 500w psu comming.

I have been eyeballing the Evga 465 at a very good price, I was wondering is it kosher to run that nvidial card on amd chipset with only 500watt.

Nvidia says it needs a 550watt, but I was wondering if a good 500w psu could handle 6 core 125w chip and 465.

Thanks a bunch for your help
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  1. You could run it on the OCZ 500w PSU, however;

    You would be better off getting a GTX460 1GB version, its cheaper than and better than the 465, to top it off you will have less power consumption.
  2. ^+1 -- with the release of the 460 1GB. the 465 is hard to justify (the performance is lower or equal and the price is higher as well as the power consumption) -- Unless as you say it is a very good price !
  3. they got a rebate on the evga 465 knocks it down to 210, how cheap can I get the 460?
  4. Well there is a 465 for 199 here free shipping...I guess they finally dropped in price to be what they should.

    460 1GB versions are about 220 dollars.
  5. but is it kosher to run nvidia vid on a amd board?
  6. pcnutz said:
    but is it kosher to run nvidia vid on a amd board?

    Yes a single card of either brand will work fine -- the only time it becomes a problem is if you want to run multiple cards since an ATI MOBO will not support SLI and an Nvidia MOBO will not support Xfire !
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