840 pro 128gb

I'm having some issues with my new 840 pro. It doesn't seem to be getting close to some of the benchmarks on the site, and the 4k qd32 is really low. AHCI is set in bios and in windows registry. Trim is on. HELP

Asrock 890fx Deluxe 3 (it's NOT plugged into marvel sata plugs) Up to date Bios
this board does have sata 3 6.0gbs
16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600
xfx dd 6790
840 pro 128 (OS) (firmware is up to date)
2 WD 250gb storage
Corsair 650w psu
LG optical drive
windows 7 home prem

using crystal disk mark numbers look like this

read write
seq 430.4 343.6
512k 329.4 341.2
4k 33.55 78.08
4k QD32 38.03 113.9
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  1. If you are comparing to the benches on Tom's they were done with a 512MB drive. SSD's often show much better performance at greater capacities. They're rarely ship low capacity test sample for that reason.
  2. No, Toms has them broken down by size.
  3. The review on the 840 Pro was only the 512mb model, maybe i missed it

  4. Go to charts then look at ssd charts
  5. Just noticed that, too bad they haven't updated them since the Vector.
  6. Have you checked the firmware?
    These drives initially had some bad firmware, and although that's supposed to have been corrected in the production models, it never hurts to check.

    Also, how is your ssd formatted?
    Block sizes can make a significant difference depending on your work load.

    Lastly, refer to the chart on the page you linked: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/840-pro-ssd-toggle-mode-2,3302-3.html

    Notice the performance versus queue size. If your benchmark has a small queue depth, then your results are actually pretty normal.

    Overall, I wouldn't worry about synthetic benchmarks too much.
    So long as your drive is performing well things should be alright.

    If you're really focused on the benchmarks though, you can try this:

    - Update the firmware
    - Do a secure erase
    - Verify the best block size for your needs
    - Optimize with Samsung Magician (although this can skew some settings if you have HDDs as well)
    - Benchmark again
    - If results are the same, check around with other 128gb 840 Pro owners to see if they receive similiar results to rule out any hardware issues.
  7. Alignment issue?
  8. 2 things, how should i go abort formating this drive, and how do i set the block size? Whats a good number?
    Also what do you mean when you say alignment issues?
    Thanks for the input everyone!
  9. I dont want to thrash AMD, 430/340 R/W is really decent for AMD southbridges, AMD 7xx series boards did around 200 MB/S max on SATA III ports, so you should be happy with your result, old Intel ICHxR beats AMD 7xx series by far, even that it is only SATA II :)
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