Is it possible to retrieve all the lost files once windows 7 has been installed?earlier it was Windows XP.All the files were earlier stored in C drive,My Documents. If luckily possible to restore,then how?
The ones who know it please give me all the details.
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  1. I don't think that is possible. Also you can only recover files if you have used the quick format option. Use softwares like advanced system care 5 to recover your files. The files are probably gone but it is worth a try.
  2. If you did a custom install and didn't remove XP before you started, you should have a folder called windows.old which will contain your old windows files. just copy them out of the approriate folder into the corresponding new folder.
  3. Heres a useful article on data recovery. It is possible to recover your data... Maybe. It all depends on what has been written over and what hasn't. A common recovery software recommended often here is Recuva.

    Check out toms article and go from there. Good luck.
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