Software to override bios to increase video memory

I am using Compaq N610c config: 1.8Ghz, 1 GB RAM, but only 32 mb video memory. :( where as other laptops have 128/ 256mb dedicated.(my gateway had 512mb but after installing 4 gb vdo memry ram it has gone to 1 gb+) but I want to do sth about this compaq. Help greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance
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  1. your definitely not going to find an override of the bios maximum is 32, but if the bios maximum will go any higher - then just increase it to whatever your comfortable with - the other boards bios probably adjusted its self proportionally to the upgraded memory config - this may not be the same for the compaq

    what it comes down to is the video adapter and how much shared memory it supports as a maximum

    anyway you look at it though if your aim is to increase framerates or play a game on that laptop - it'll be a subpar experience that you wont be able to do much about...
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