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I got a nice pair of headphones as a gift for the holidays. I have Logitech Z-2300 speakers. These speakers have a "remote" that control the volume and bass for the speakers and also have a headphone jack to plug in headphones.

Ideally I would like to leave the speakers plugged into the computer and plug my headphones in through the remote. I am curious whether this has any effect on the sound quality...

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  1. It shouldn't hurt (at least noticeably, although some audiophiles would like to hang me by this statement). Most of the time PC speakers act as a passthrough for audio when headphones are plugged in. I have a cheaper Logitech set and an Altec Lansing set that both do this.

    Just curious, what headphones did you get? :D
  2. Thanks for the reply...Bose AE2
  3. espett said:
    Thanks for the reply...Bose AE2

    Yeah you'll be just fine. Unless you're SUPER anal about audio quality and can hear whispers through concrete walls in your audio files then you'll be more than satisfied with this setup. I'm not sure about the bass and treble adjustment though, if these function with the heaphone jack plugged in you may want to play with them a bit to get it to sound the way you want it to.

    Remember, sound quality is subjective. Not everyone wants the same things out of their experience. I like a lot of highs and lows but attenuated mids, but you may be different. Don't let anyone tell you what "good" audio is. It's what you like, and that's all that matters. (I apply the same ideaology to music snobs who think that musical talent and technicality makes "good" music).
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