Need Help With Video Card Upgrade On Old HP M385C

Hi I have a old HP M385C Media Center desk top I was just given, and I would like a video card with HDMI with 7.1 audio & DVI,VGA Ports. I know it has a 200 watt factory PSU & I'm running Windows XP Professional 32 Bit with 1.5GB ram.

What a quality cheap card that's compatible with this computer?
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  1. A Video Card does not come with audio, you need a Sound Card for that, in that case you would need a Sound Card and a Video Card...

    I can't in good sense recommend a video card and sound card for a 200 watt PSU.

    What are your needs and budget? If gaming is not an issue it will be easier. If your budget it high enough I'm sure I can find all three for you for a decent price.
  2. Its not for gaming, it's to old of a computer. But from my research I thought sound could come threw a video card VIA HDMI 7.1. Here is one of the cards I was looking at

    Do you hook up the sound card to the video card to get 7.1 audio threw HDMI?

    Here is another one I like but it needs 300 watts
  3. For some reason I TOTALLY missed the fact you had HDMI, sorry about that. I guess all I saw was that you wanted VGA and DVI ports.

    Yes there are cards that can do sound through HDMI.

    The 4000 series cards have 7.1 sound. So that would be perfect.
  4. Yeah you can run sound through your HDMI video card. There's usually a small connector on the card that's a few millimeters in width, in which you connect a very thin cable to it from wherever your sound is coming from (integrated-on-motherboard or seperate sound card).

    I only did this once before, but it was really easy to setup.

    Another thing is that it's pretty useless to try unless you're hooking up the HDMI to a monitor with decent speakers.
  5. ^ Yup its very simple. Like I said you would have to get a 4000 or 5000 series if you have 7.1 as I think 3000 series only support 5.1 (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Also make sure you have a PCI-e slot on your motherboard.
  6. I'm not sure of what each series supports for HDMI sound. But, yea the 4000 series card on that link^ should do well.

    So long as it's not for gaming. It will suffice for HD media.
  7. Ok this is a old side computer and I don't want to spend a lot for what I want & I don't want to upgrade the PSU it's only 200 watt. Can you give me a link for both the proper sound card & video card without upgrading.
  8. That link I gave you up there will work on your PSU without upgrading and has 7.1 surround in the HDMI.
  9. Is there one with a heat sink with no fan so it's quiet? What sound card do you suggest and what cable do I need to connect it to the video card? My Motherboard sound card is 5.1.

    I will be connecting this to my Onkyo receiver via HDMI.
  10. I don't think I have a PCI-E Port. Here is my motherboard specs

    Do I need to get a PCI or AGP ?

    Which card to get now?
  11. I underestimated how old your system was lol. Well AGP x8 is much better than regular PCI. So I'd get this card:

    It has HDMI and a heatsink, no fan. Idk if it's 7.1 like you want it to be though.

    Ultimately, it's really hard to find compatible upgrades today with an old machine like that. I would just save up maybe $300 and wait until it's Black Friday and get a new, inexpensive computer you can work with.
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