4 Main Points Of Collecting DVD Discs

Many tyro DVD collectors like to purchase a lot of DVD discs all at once, but they would soon find that most of their purchased DVDs have no collection value, and had to give all these DVDs which only have entertainment value away, then restarted to buy the collection-value DVDs. To avoid the tyro DVD collectors making similar mistakes again, here I will give everybody introduction the 4 essentials of DVD collection.

1. Clarity

The DVD movie’s picture clarity (sharpness or delicate degree) is critical to DVD collection. As a visual art, the film’s pictures have very accurate focus, and the objects in film’s pictures are very close to the original. But when the films are compressed into DVD discs ( Tips for ripping DVDs to Apple iPad mini), their quality might be damaged because of the unsuitable compression algorithms. So, before you decide to buy a DVD for collection, you have to check the DVD movie’s picture clarity carefully.

2. Only buy the DVD-9 disc

Why do we need to only purchase the D9? Because in contrast with the D5, the D9 has large storage, correspondingly, the size of the film stored on D9 is large. This means the D9 film has lower compression ratio, clearer pictures, better sound effects and more saturate color.

3. Buy the DVDs with bonus features

Why should we buy the DVDs including bonus contents? Because the bonus contents include the comments about this film from the director, the movie screenwriter and the actors, also, the behind-the-scene stories, the trailer and the censored sections are stored in the bonus contents. The bonus features make the DVD contents richer to increase the DVD’s collection value.

Generally speaking, there are no bonus features attached to the D5 disc, but most D9 discs come with the bonus features. If the D9 disc does not have the bonus features, it will be not recommended to purchase.

4. Buy the Director’s-cut-version DVDs

Director’s cuts mean the film versions that are made by the directors according to their own preferences or opinions. The Director’s cuts are not suitable for being showed at the cinema, and they are thus released on DVD discs as an addition option for movie lovers.

Due to the Director’s cuts are fully edited according to the directors’ intention, they might be called the directors’ own work, and the directors’ creative thoughts, movie’s statements, etc. can be seen totally from the Director’s cuts. So, the Director’s-cut-version DVDs have very high collection value.
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