Successor to LGA-1366?

When will Intel release the successor to LGA-1366? How many more years does LGA-1366 have for being the standard for Intel?
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    next year with socket X68"

    Thats the chipset. The socket is LGA2011 or LGA1356 (not much info). The difference is stated that LGA2011 will sport 2 QPI links and LGA 1356 will only have one. That means LGA2011 is probably meant for entry level servers using 2P+. Also LGA1356 is supposed to support tri channel DDR3 while LGA2011 is supposed to support quad channel DDR3.

    LGA1356 will have at least 24 PCIe 3.0 lanes and LGA2011 will have at least 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes. Both will support up to 8 cores, which will probably be released later.

    This is interesting (not sure how correct it is though):

    Other than that there is no 100% solid info until Intel states other wise.
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