Power/led case cable won't fit motherboard pins?

Hey i've been waiting like a week to receive a cpu atx power cable adapter, now that i got it, thers more trouble... the power on button/case leds cable won't fit the pins on the motherboard. Everything works fine, it booted as i made contact with a screwdriver.
The motherboard is an asus p5g41T-M-LX

Ima upload a pic of it right now
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  1. http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3199/pwrpins.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us" class="img lazy">
  2. Anyone? also this rubbish motherboard lacks of sys_fan connectors so don't know where is my hdd fan going to be attached... desperation n madness made me wanna try on the ram jumper pins, as it's 3 pins too, removed the jumper, and i realised, and said to myself, hey u mad bro? so i put the jumper battery where it was... awww hate this 90s like motherboards :S:S
  3. HELLO?
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