Help in choosing graphics card

Could any one please help
i need to choose a reasonable card to play games like GTA5 mafia 2 but dont understand what is needed
concerning the card i found these the only thing is the 96oo gt is double the price of the other two

Nvidia Geforce GT220 PCI-E 2GB
Nvidia Geforce 9600GT PCI-E 2GB
or if you think ATI is better could you suggest one around £100 give or take or is more needed.
im running Windows 7 64bit AMD64 dual core 3800+ 2.00ghz 6 gig ram
nvidia geforce 8500gt

any help here would be gratefully accepted and many thanks in advance

regrads Darren
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  1. I think you should choose an hd 5750 it's better than all the cards you have mentioned.
  2. Thanks rocky41 ill check that one out
  3. for the money you're saying ati's better.
    nvidia is a little more expensive
    i'd go for a 5750
  4. Thanks guys for your feedback its very much appreciated,
    is this the one you are suggesting,
    XFX Radeon HD 5750 Graphics adapter - 1 GB - GDDR5 SDRAM
    and do you know why the other cards have more ram ie 2gig and the one you suggest has 1gig is that not important sorry to have to ask more but that part is confusing to me i thought the more ram the better, i guess not a!
    PS the card you guys suggest looks impressive and is in my price bracket :)
    Thank you very much rocky41 and mohsentux for your help
  5. More RAM is better for higher resolutions but 1GB is alot..
    You need more than that for Eyefinity resolutions so 1GB is good..
  6. Thanks plznote i wanna play on gta5 mafia 2 ect these are the ones i find to be a problem so something that can run these at there top settings especialy online is what im really looking for
  7. Hey don't worry hd 5750 will be enough for your needs and will be ideal for online will sure love this card go and buy it.
  8. Thanks Rocky41
    i really appreciate your help dude just to confirm it is the XFX Radeon HD 5750 Graphics adapter - 1 GB - GDDR5 SDRAM im looking for.
    Again many thanks for all your feedback
  9. XFX is really good brand and mine favorite too and it's just gonna work fine for you buddy's the time to grab it...go for it.
  10. Just to explain why im asking to confirm model is that asus have a model showing for that ver, no hd 5750 as well but its mainly Radeon on offer
  11. Hey why don't you just buy it from it's great site for you people and it has the xfx card too. Check the link in my previous post.
  12. hi Rocky its up for £115 on that site and amazon its £102 and ive used amazon before so over a ten pound saving thats including delivery.
    but thank you for the link and the advise i look forward in testing it when it comes :)
  13. Amazon is a great and i hope you receive your card as soon as possible my friend.
  14. arh man messed up, thats for 512mb card so i might check your site out after all Thanks Rocky
  15. nice one dude :)
  16. Hey if you haven't yet ordered here is one more link that may interest you.
  17. Thanks rocky have already ordered but found that link already i managed to get it for around that price so alls good and many thanks for your help man i really appreciate it, ill drop a comment back here when ive installed it let you know what i think of it but it looks the part, cant wait till it comes lol.
    Thanks and regards
  18. Just an update ordered over a week ago now still no card looks like have to oder elsewhere bummer man thai sucks having withdraw symtems lol cant do nothing till end of weekend will update when i get one thanks again :(
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