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im looking to upgrading my CPU Heatsink and cooling fan but i have found some complications to that. Alot of the bigger >100mm Heatsink/Fan setups almost seem to large to fit in my case. i was looking at a couple on Newegg that i liked but it almost looked like they would be too tall to even fit in. here are some spec of my PC.

Case: Rosewill FB-02 Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case (80mm Rear Fan, 120mm Side LED Fan)
CPU: 3.2Ghz AMD Phenom ll X2 555 Black Edition
Motherboard: MSI 770-G45
RAM: GeIL 1600 DDR3 2GB (2)
Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS
Nvidia Geforce 240GT

heres a pic of the inside before i got the CPU,RAM. and 240GT

Heres a Couple i was looking at:


If someone could find this out for me that would be great.

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  1. yeah i was looking to get a pretty decent one so i can overclock. something very good less than 50 bucks
  2. When my current stock heatsink is at idle it sits around 32-34C but when i play games it jumps to like 55C with the core CPU about 45-50C
  3. Frozen CPU is a much better source of Cooling Products
  4. thing is will these fit the height wise for my case since its not all that wide
  5. I use the Titan and I maintain 8c above ambient @ idle it get to 22c above ambient @ 100% with a +100 overvolt and a slight OC on a X4 940BE. So if you were to put one of these on your dual core I would expect an extremely chilly CPU...
  6. Some will...
  7. I use an Antec 900 and the Titan has 2" of side clearence....How wide is that case?
  8. Use that one from malmental SCSK-1100
  9. Malmental,do you have any problems with the memory or video card being encroached upon by that one the SCSK-1100. I was thinking about getting the 4-pipe version of that one and was just wondering...sorry OP didn't mean to hijack your thread
  10. It says 7.5in wide so, if you wanted a low profile cooling solution then go with SCSK-1100 that malmental refered to...If you want a really super nice cooling solution then I personally would go with this one as I am all about overkill and this one would make your dual core frosty........malmental is correct that Schythe is a great Idea as its the one I will be using in my new HTPC rig

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