Blurry, bleeding & flat colours on HDTV


I just bought GeForce GTX 465 and I'm having trouble with colours. Especially the blue on black and red on black are really blurry and bleedy, and all the colours seem generally flat. I have a 37" LG Full Hd display with mini-HDMI - HDMI.

What I've tried:
-Old display adapter (8800GTS) with new display. Works like a charm.
-Another display (20" LCD DVI-DVI) with the GTX 465. Works like a charm.

-VGA-VGA. Works with this combo but brings the bad quality of analog signal.
-DVI-HDMI, mini-HDMI-hdmi (another port), no success.
-Fixing the colours from NVIDIA control panel and my HDTV settings
-Colour mode is set to 32bit
-Changing resolution/refresh rates, no success.
-Uninstalling drivers, sweeping with driver sweeper. Reinstalling. Installing old drivers.

As far as I can tell this issue has something with the signal that is sent from my graphics card to my display.

I read about a similar problem here and apparently it is a signal issue. The signal is set to RGB in the NVIDIA Control Panel. But the tricks found here didn't work for me.

I'm getting desperate here, all questions and answers are more than welcome.
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  1. Actually forget about the screenshot, in VGA-VGA the picture looks perfect so it must be a signal issue
  2. I'm using an HDMI connection for my pc, so maybe I can help. Just maybe.

    Are you sure you're running in native resolution and aspect ratio according to you're HDTV? Also try setting your LG to video defaults and the changing things like color temperature, color, contrast, etc.

    In the 'Adjust desktop color settings' of the NVCP, I checkmarked 'Other application control color settings' instead of 'Use Nvidia Settings.' Also, my digital vibrance is set to 50% and hue to 0deg.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I edited my original post quite a bit.

    Running native resolution, yes. Aspect ratio set to 1:1 (or Just scan like in my case). Tried defaults. Tried all possible settings. Got checkmarked the "other application.." and I've tried the digital vibrance etc with no real help.
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