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If I buy a 1200w PS, do I need to buy an equivalent or greater UPS, let's say 1500, or can i buy the 1100 UPS?
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  1. Depends what you are running in your system since the PSU will only draw as much as it needs to power the components in the system, it wont always be providing 1200W of power. Its unlikely that your PSU will get fully loaded, so you likely wont need a 1500W unit, but its important to factor in the efficiency of your PSU too. What PSU are you planning on getting and what are the other components in your system?
  2. Thanx hunter315
    I'm planning on getting either an Antec trupower quattro; is that right; or Thermaltake toughpower
    My Plan Build
    i7 950
    Asus Rampage III Formula
    2 x 6870 or 460FTW/ future upgrade to 2 x 6970
    6g Kingston 1600
    1TB HD/ 1 ext. HD
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