External HD felt on the floor (Seagate Expansion)

The disaster already happened, and I don't have backup. The external/portable HD felt on the floor. The box didn't crash, but we can listen broken pieces moving inside when gently shaking it. Of course, when trying to use it, connecting the USB cable, nothing happens - it is not recognized. It vibrates and makes an almost silent snooze sound when the AC cable is plugged.

This is the situation. Of course, this HD is completely lost.

BUT I know that the data is still there! From almost 1 Tb of data (of the total 2 Tb of capacity), certainly most part of the content IS THERE. This is a fact.

Now, my question is... WHERE to go? WHO to ask for help? Where and Who on Earth is capable of picking this piece of damaged hardware, and applying his/her expertise and skills, professionality, tools and whatever more should be needed, to be able to extract this data that is there, making it available for me again?

I am in Brazil - I can move between the major cities (São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro). But if there is a "sacred place of HD disaster recovery" in a distant cave in the other side of the globe, I am willing to go there to have some or all of this data back.

The HD is a Seagate Expansion 2 Tb.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. data recovery is very expensive. most liekly 2-3 times the price of a new hdd and it doesnt garantee youll get everything. my quess is if its not clicking the read/write head broke off. was the hdd on or off when it fell? if it was off data recovery will most likely get everything, if it was on the platter could be scarred and damaged from the read write head.

    a site like this will help http://www.salvagedata.com/
  2. Open the case and check if the hdd works if you plug it to regular Sata connections. If the header or platter is damaged you can't do anything about it.
  3. overclickuser56 said:
    Apparently, your drive is physically damaged. Therefore, your best bet is to ask a specialist or professional data recovery company for help, if the inner files are VERY important.

    How much does that cost for 500GB data?
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