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Hi There

My current system configuration is:

MSI 8400 nvidia card with VGA and DVI port.
The dvi port drives one monitor and the VGA port is split into two to drive a 32" TV and a 20" screen. This works perfectly with this card as the VGA port is duplicated on the two views.

My problem however is that I need to change the display card and I tried using a Nvidia GT220 and a GT240 card without being able to get all three monitors to work. If both the tv and monitor is plug into the split VGA channel I only managed to see the desktop on the TV. If I unplug the TV, with system still running, the view switches to the other view.

I have spoken to quite a few IT pro' s and no one understands this problem.

Any help please?????????????
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  1. Make sure the VGA resolution and refresh rate output is set to something both the TV and monitor can use properly. Try using 800x600 at 60hz refresh.

    Probably after the card swap your video settings got changed and need to be looked at.
  2. Thanks for the response.

    I have already changed the resolution and refresh rates without any success. The current resolution is set to 1280 x 1024. The same settings that was and is still working on the 8300 card.

    I am beginning to believe that the Sparkle GT220 and XFX GT240 cards can not handle the split monitor scenario on the VGA or DVI port.
  3. Since you are just splitting the signal using a simple splitter, it's only sending the signal to two places after it leaves the card. I don't see why the video card would care one way of another.

    You can fix this pretty cheaply though, just get a second low end PCI or PCIe x1 video card to run the 3rd monitor. You can find em for $30 or maybe even less used on craigslist or something. Or you can replace your video card with a faster one that supports 3 outputs without an add-on splitter.

    I never liked splitters anyway, they degrade the signal and can only show the excact same thing on both displays using the same resolution.
  4. No, that card will only support 2 monitors at a time, but you can use another card to use a 3rd monitor.
    You will also need better software like ultramon for managing 3 displays. That gives you a seperate start menu and taskbar on each display, and easily allows you to move one application to another display.
  5. I have tested the cards with different monitors and can now confirm that it is not the cards. The cards work on a similar setup, 32" TV, 19 & 17" lcd screens. The only thing left to test is the actual vga cables. Do not why the cables would make a difference between cards but hey that is all left to test.
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