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recently bought a new video card to hold me over till I get my new system but i found out it needs 2 6 pin connectors. My power supply, which is a 585w orion gamer psu, only has 1 6 pin, i called a local computer store and they told me i could try using a molar 2x4 pin to pci 6 pin adaptor but I never did this before and am not sure what to do. Does it matter what 4 pin's i use? I heard something about using them from different rails or the same rails not sure what this means, if anyone could help me out would appretiate it, it's a gts 250 even thou on the box it says will run with 1 6 pin i thought i better have 2 for it to run better.
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  1. Pretty sure this only needs 1 6-pin connector. If you do need another one, it is very easy to add a molex 4-pin to a six pin with an adapter. Use any 4-pin connector in the same way you would connect a 4-pin to a DVD drive or old type HDD but to the 6-pin adapter. The rails relate to your PSU and are the 12V cables that your graphics card runs off. You may only have 1 12V rail or you may have 2. It should be written on the side of the PSU in your computer. It won't matter which molex cables as a 585W PSU is enough for 1 GTS 250. The graphics card won't run better with 2 as it just relates to the power supply. Hope this helps.
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    This is what your after if you need it, you can also get them sleaved, just do a google search.
    As mentioned plug it into any of your free molex plugs.
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